Jail death settlement back on board's agenda

November 19, 2012

It looks like the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors may have changed its decision, again, about a multi-million dollar settlement over a jail inmate’s death.

Deborah Braillard died while in the county jail almost eight years ago. Court records show that county jailers denied Braillard, who was a diabetic, medical treatment for several days.

In September the case went to trial, but several weeks into it, attorneys for the county offered to settle the case for $3.25 million.

But before the Board of Supervisors could formally approve the settlement on Oct. 17, the board meeting was disrupted by protestors.

Then two county supervisors changed their minds and said they wanted to go to trial again. Now a special meeting has been called for Tuesday morning. According to the meeting agenda, the board will once again consider a settlement. No word on the amount the two sides have agreed on.

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