House Approves Bill Limiting Child Abuse, Neglect Investigations From Hotline Calls

By Alexandra Olgin
Published: Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 6:08pm

The Arizona House passed a bill that would narrow what reports of child abuse and neglect would require a full investigation.

The legislation would exempt non-criminal reports of child abuse and neglect if the alleged conduct happened more than three years ago and there’s no information indicating the child is currently being harmed. 

Republican Rep. Kate Brophy McGee said the change will cull out calls that are impossible to investigate and clog the already overburdened system.

Opponents say not investigating hotline calls is what led to the overhaul of the state child welfare office just two years ago.

The House passed House Bill 2522 on a 49-10 vote Wednesday afternoon. It now moves to the Senate.

Democratic Rep. Rebecca Rios said the measure could create a chilling effect that may lead people to stop calling in cases of abuse and neglect.  

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