Major propositions rejected at the polls

November 06, 2012

Two major propositions on the Arizona ballot failed to pass on Tuesday.  Here are the results of propositions 120 and 204.

NADINE ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: Voters rejected Prop 204, the one-cent sales tax increase proposal that would’ve been a permanent source of revenue for education. The tax is set to expire in 2013.  65 percent of the voters rejected the measure. Supporters said Prop 204 would have helped fund education. Opponents, like Arizona Treasurer Doug Ducey say, Prop 204 would have interfered with the legislature’s budgeting process. At a Republican election night gathering, Ducey praised voters who voted against it.

DOUG DUCEY: This is a good night for Arizona tax payers because you just stopped the second highest sales tax in the country. 

ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: 67 percent of the voters also rejected the Open Elections proposal, or Prop 121. The measure would have allowed the top two candidates in a primary, regardless of their party affiliation, to advance to the general election. Supporters touted the proposal would have allowed more people to run across party lines. Opponents, like County Attorney Bill Montgomery, charge the measure was aimed at controlling election results.

BILL MONTGOMERY: Just like limit on contributions. Limits on terms. The Clean Elections Commission and the Independent Redistricting Commission, you can’t change outcomes by changing systems.

ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: Voters also denied a measure that would have given Arizona sovereignty over state public lands and natural resources, Prop 120.

Results from the Arizona Secretary of State.

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