Provisional ballots an issue across Valley on Election Day

November 06, 2012

It appears more people than normal across the Valley were forced to cast provisional ballots this Election Day.

Aaron Wilson, 32, said he waited in line for 45 minutes because his polling site at Tempe High School had run out of provisional ballots, but no one could tell him when more would arrive.

The registered Democrat says he had to make three trips to his polling place at Tempe High School, even then, he hadn't voted as of 6 p.m.

"To have people working the polling stations just openly acknowledging how all this works was really disheartening to have the election process fall short of what I think it should be," Wilson said.

The Maricopa County Recorders office says one problem is that some voters are on the early voting list and don't know it. Officials say all provisional ballots will eventually be counted, once the voters who submitted them are verified.

On Twitter, voters in Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and South Phoenix are reporting they were required to use provisional ballots as well.

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