Hurricane Sandy disrupts Sky Harbor schedule

October 29, 2012

The powerful impact that Hurricane Sandy is having on air travel could affect carriers and travelers for a few days after the storm has passed. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Lynn Kelly reports.

LYNN KELLY: The intense winds and damaging downpour from Sandy have led to thousands of canceled flights—domestic and international. And though the Valley is 2,500 miles from the East Coast, Sky Harbor Airport’s schedule has been thinned. The airport’s Deputy Aviation Director Deb Ostreicher says that could be the case for the rest of the week.

DEB OSTREICHER: This kind of thing can go on for a couple of days following the actual incident. So while some of the East Coast airports are closed or having very limited service at this point, even if that clears tomorrow or the day after, sometimes the catch-up can take several days after that.

KELLY: Ostreicher says Sky Harbor doesn’t have stranded passengers, thanks to travelers knowing about Sandy well in advance.

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