Grace Period For Health Care Law Ends Tuesday

By Riis Valcho
Published: Monday, April 14, 2014 - 5:23pm
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Arizonans trying to sign up for mandatory health care coverage have one day left or face fines. 

The date of April 15 has been a deadline day for Americans for decades, but tax day is not the only cutoff date some people will need to take note of this year. April 15 is also the last day for people who have started the application process to finish signing up for health insurance through the federal government’s website.

Pati Urias works for the Arizona chapter of Enroll America, a group promoting the healthcare law. She said there are many variables in counting how many people remain in Arizona who are still uninsured.  

“Some of them may have already established an account and weren’t able to get any further. You know, maybe their internet services weren’t working properly," said Urias. "It’s really difficult to know exactly how many people are waiting in the in queue where they may have left their application in the process to know exactly how many people are still out there."

Urias said as of March 1, the most recent enrollment numbers show nearly 60,000 Arizonans have applied for coverage on the health care website.

The next update on enrollment numbers could come later this week.

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