Former Arizona Rep. Bill Konopnicki Dies

October 18, 2012

Former Arizona lawmaker Bill Konopnicki has died. The Republican from Safford served in the state House of Representatives for eight years, but had been in declining health. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.

MARK BRODIE: In 2010, Konopnicki ran for the state Senate, but lost in the GOP primary. As that year’s legislative session was wrapping up, Konopnicki talked to KJZZ about what he believed was behind some of the year’s more controversial bills.

BILL KONOPNICKI: When the budget got out, there was, usually you wrap right up after that, and you go home. We had too much time in between, and we had a number of bills that people have always wanted to run, that they had the opportunity to do, and fortunately or unfortunately, those bills have been run, and I don’t think those bills are necessarily reflective of the ideas, values and thoughts of the citizens of the state.

BRODIE: Konopnicki had been suffering from non-alcoholic cirrhosis. His former colleagues are remembering him as a gentleman and a statesman.

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