New Study Shows Lawn Signs Can Actually Make A Difference In Close Races

By KJZZ News, Katherine Fritcke
Published: Monday, January 4, 2016 - 8:50am

As we move into an election year in 2016, a new study finds lawn signs that show up before elections can actually may make a difference, especially in close races. 

Researchers in Virginia erected extra signs in some precincts but not others. They found that the margin for the favored candidates was 1.7 percent higher in precincts with more signs.

Arizona political consultant Constantin Querard says the study’s results are not surprising. Especially when it comes to low profile races for state legislator or county assessor.

"These are races where you're neighbors maybe aren't tracking the race as close as you are. You're endorsement is valuable only because they assume you know the person or pay attention to this,” Querard said.

While some signs can make a difference in certain cases, the study also found they don’t make a difference in high profile elections, like for president.