Valle Del Sol Offering Uninsured Kids Mental Health Services

By Jude Joffe-Block
Published: Monday, January 4, 2016 - 8:41am
(Photo courtesy of Valle del Sol via Twitter)
Valle del Sol is a nonprofit agency that provides healthcare, human services, & leadership development programs.

Lack of health insurance can be a major barrier to mental health care. A local organization wants to help uninsured kids can get the care they need in 2016.

Maricopa County has the third highest number of uninsured children in the country, according to a Georgetown University report.

Carlos Galindo Elvira of Valle del Sol says this population still needs access to mental health services. So the nonprofit community health organization with several locations around the Valley is offering those services at no charge for uninsured kids.

Galindo Elvira says it's especially important this time of year.

“It can be pretty stressful, it can be pretty sad,” Galindo Elvira said. “So we want to ensure that kids of all ages, up to age 18, have the opportunity to receive mental health services.”

After an assessment, a licensed practitioner comes up with a treatment plan which could include one-on-one or group counseling. 

Galindo Elvira said it is unclear how long the organization will be able to provide these services at no charge.

"But while we have the opportunity to cover the cost, we really want to encourage families to bring in their young people," he said.