Glendale considers its options

September 25, 2012

The Glendale City Council held a workshop on Tuesday to figure out what to do if the city's voters reject a sales tax hike. KJZZ's Steve Goldstein has more.

STEVE GOLDSTEIN: Glendale finds itself in dire financial straits. In addition to the recession that hammered the entire country, the city continues to deal with uncertainty over the ownership of the Phoenix Coyotes and who would manage Arena and schedule events to fill its nearly 18,000 seats.The Glendale City Council had approved a temporary sales tax to help fill in some general fund gaps, but voters have the opportunity to repeal the seven-tenths of a percent increase. On Tuesday, council members discussed what to do if voters do just that. Councilwoman Joyce Clark says the city won’t have any encouraging possibilities.

JOYCE CLARK: Forget the Coyotes situation. There is $24 million that must be eliminated from this budget. $24 million.

GOLDSTEIN: Cuts being considered include closing two of Glendale’s three libraries and canceling the annual Glendale Glitters event. Mayor Elaine Scruggs says the city shouldn’t cut revenue-generating festivals.

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