Republicans optimistic about Arizona congressional races

August 29, 2012

The National Republican Congressional Committee says it’s optimistic about three potential swing districts in Arizona. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.

MARK BRODIE: The NRCC’s executive director singled out Districts 1, 2 and 9. In the 1st District, which covers much of northern and eastern Arizona, Jonathan Paton will face Ann Kirkpatrick. In the 2nd District, which is in the southeastern corner of the state, Martha McSally faces incumbent Ron Barber. And, in the 9th District, which covers Phoenix and Tempe, Vernon Parker and Kyrsten Sinema emerged from their primaries. On Wednesday, NRCC Executive Director Guy Harrison called Sinema’s candidacy a gift to the GOP.

GUY HARRISON: This may be one of the most liberal Democrat candidates in the country, and she’s in a swing district in a quasi-swing state.

BRODIE: For her part, Sinema said Tuesday night she expects to continue facing political attacks in the general election. And, analysts say the 9th District is a competitive one. Voter registration figures are closely split between Democrats, Republicans and independents, although Democratic Political Consultant Bob Grossfeld told KJZZ’s Here and Now that Democrats tend to perform well there.

BOB GROSSFELD: Kyrsten ran a very, very good and thoughtful campaign. It’s going to be very difficult for Parker to match that, although he’s going to have money coming in like no one has seen because it’s a toss-up.

BRODIE: Sinema defeated two other Democrats to win her party's nomination, while Parker won a seven-way GOP primary.

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