US House Approves Bill Limiting Syrian Refugees

By Katherine Fritcke, KJZZ News
Published: Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 1:41pm

The United States House of Representatives has approved a bill blocking Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the country unless they pass strict background checks.

Earlier this year, President Obama announced the U.S. would admit 10,000 Syrian refugees. Now, the House has approved a bill limiting the number of refugees admitted, but only until increased security is in place.

Democrat Ruben Gallego of Phoeni, said representatives may be taking action too quickly.

“We shouldn’t be reacting to terrorism in this manner. If you want to do this, let’s have a serious adult discussion of it. But, knee-jerk moves are not the way to do it,”Gallego said.

Republican Martha McSally, of Tucson, is a member of a task force looking into ISIS. She said their threat will remain, even if the process changes.

“There are gaps in that process. But that is not the sole solution to addressing the 32 findings that our task force identified related to the challenge of ISIS,” she said.

Discussions in the Senate are taking place. If the bill is approved there, it will go to the president’s desk. He has previously threatened veto the bill.


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