Monsoon storms pelt Phoenix area

August 22, 2012

The Valley was slammed by a pair of thunderstorms last night. Sky Harbor Airport recorded four tenths of an inch of precipitation, but other communities in the state saw heavier rainfall and more. 

Steady rain blanketed much of the Phoenix area. But Marvin Percha at the National Weather Service said while there were some very strong storm cells in Maricopa County, they may not have affected many people.

"A lot of the rain seems to have fallen just to our south in lesser populated areas," Percha said. "There was quite a bit of rain [south of South Mountain Park.] Buckeye got an inch, and then to the southeast, there were places that got over two inches. But the heaviest rain, for the most part, stayed out of the heavily populated areas."

Percha said he saw reports of some localized flooding of streets and parking lots, but nothing major to speak of.

Farther outside the Phoenix area, Coolidge got over two inches of rain and saw some flooding. High winds downed power lines. There was also significant flooding in the San Tan Valley north of Coolidge. Up near Crown King in Yavapai County, the Gladiator Fire burn area was hit very hard by rain. KJZZ is trying to determine how bad flooding may have been there.

Meteorologist Mark O'Malley of the National Weather Service said a large storm over California could bring more rain today. "There will be fairly extensive cloud coverage today, which may limit the thunderstorm activity, however there will probably be some showers around, maybe focused a little bit more toward northern Arizona."

But O'Malley said the Valley could still see some storms.  The Weather Service says we could get between a quarter and a half inch of rain today, and up to three quarters of an inch tonight.

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