'Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls' Talks Body Positive, Marketing, Body Image

By Sarah Ventre
Published: Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 4:46pm
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(Photo by Liora K Photography)
Jes Baker is the author of "Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls."
(Photo courtesy of Jes Baker)
Jes Baker is the author of "Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls."

The body positive movement has been steadily gaining momentum. That’s the idea that everyone should love his or her body just as it is – even when it doesn’t conform to societal standards of beauty.

One of the prominent voices in that movement is Tucson author Jes Baker. Baker spoke about her new book “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls.”

The book includes topics such as the way marketing and advertising constantly reinforce the idea that our body isn’t right. And that’s not just true of people who aren’t thin. It’s also true of people who are differently-abled, or who don’t present traditional forms of masculinity or femininity. Baker also spoke about the word fat and why it was important to put it in the title of the book.

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