Phoenix water rates lower than expected

August 21, 2012

It may seem incongruous here in the desert, but compared to other major cities, water rates in Phoenix are a bargain.

Ken Kroski of the Phoenix Water Services Department says effective planning and foresight on the part of water managers years ago are responsible.

And he said the city saved tens of millions of dollars by improving efficiencies.

“Some of that is through technology; some of that is through operations and administration,” Kroski said.” So we’ve been able to keep Phoenix’s water rates among the lowest in the country among large cities.”

The latest available stats show water and sewer rates were highest in San Francisco at an average $163.03 for a single family home in April 2011. 

San Diego, New York, Houston and Jacksonville, Florida round out the top five. 

Phoenix, at $58.46, is 16th on the list, about $15 dollars less than Detroit. And Kroski says the Phoenix rates remained the same this year.

Water and Wastewater Bill Comparisons for Single-Family Homes, 20 Largest U.S. Cities

CityAverage Bill
April 2011
CityAverage Bill
April 2011
CityAverage Bill
April 2011
San Francisco, CA$163.03San Jose, CA$87.83Phoenix, AZ$58.46
San Diego, CA$116.33Baltimore, MD$86.35Milwaukee, WI$47.63
New York, NY$103.77Los Angeles, CA$83.80El Paso, TX$39.63
Houston, TX$101.50Philadelphia, PA$81.95San Antonio, TX$39.28
Jacksonville, FL$100.72Dallas, TX$74.61Chicago, IL$38.99
Washington, DC$96.73Indianapolis, IN$73.96Memphis, TN$31.88
Columbus, OH$93.84Detroit, MI$73.59  

Courtesy City of Phoenix

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