Cactus League A Possibility For Houston Astros

By Riis Valcho
Published: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 6:49pm
Updated: Wednesday, March 5, 2014 - 6:51pm
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Arizona’s Cactus League could be adding a new team in coming years. Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros may be looking to move from their Spring Training stadium in Florida.

The Cactus League has snagged a handful of teams from Florida in recent years. The Astros owner said this week his team could be next.

Cactus League President Mark Coronado said Astros officials have toured stadiums in Arizona and have been in contact with his office as recently as January. 

“The Cactus League has made an initial call to the Houston Astros organization, to let them know that if there is interest in relocating to Arizona, we’d be happy to discuss (that),” Coronado said.

Houston and the Washington Nationals have been talking with Palm Beach County officials this week about building a two-team stadium to keep the clubs in Florida's Grapefruit League. Palm Beach Commissioner Hal Valeche said his county is better suited for Eastern teams than Arizona.

“Obviously it is a very competitive marketplace and Arizona has done well in the past. We are cognizant of it, but we are also confident that we have an awful lot to offer here," Valeche said.

The Astros are the last western division MLB team left in Florida. Stadium leases for the Astros and Nationals will expire in 2016. The Astros owner said he hopes a decision will be made by the end of this year — whether his team moves to Arizona or to stays put in Florida.