Phoenix Mayor Stanton helps teens register voters

August 20, 2012

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton will be joining about 100 young people Monday night to knock on doors in a voter registration drive. Stanton will go out with a team of 20 high school volunteers as they try to register voters. The mayor offered himself as a prize to the team that registered the most new voters last week, with the winners being announced Monday night. Program coordinator Daria Ovide explains why the kids got involved.

"Part of the organizing model is that we don't just walk up to somebody and say 'are you registered to vote?' right? What were doing is talking about why we want to register people, and these are all heartfelt, personal reasons," Ovide said.

The drive is part of the Campaign for Arizona's Future, which is an effort to register a historic number of Latino voters in the Valley. Ovide says they're hoping for 40,000 but are at about 15,000 so far.

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