Hazy skies over much of the Valley

August 15, 2012

While high temperatures are finally starting to let up, Wednesday has brought a haze that’s blanketing the valley.

Trevor Baggiore, Deputy Director of Air Quality at the state’s environmental agency told KJZZ’s Here & Now wildfires on the Tonto National Forest are contributing to the haze in some parts of the Phoenix metro area.

“The eastern, northeastern valley, absolutely is being affected by those wildfires, so that’s probably where a lot of that smoke is coming from,” Baggiore said, adding that last night’s rain and dust storm are also adding to the haze. “When there’s moisture in the air, it typically makes those dust particles look worse than they actually are.”

And of course, there’s always the problem of pollution. Baggiore expects the haze to lift by tomorrow.

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