How do you cope with the heat wave?

August 14, 2012

After a record-setting heat wave, temperatures in the Phoenix area will start to taper off. But we still wanted to see how people were handling the high temperatures. 

dashboard thermometer at 115The obligatory "proof of 115 degree temperature" photo taken Tuesday in Tempe. (Photo by Tracy Greer -- KJZZ)

PETER O’DOWD: It’s not even nine o’clock in the morning at Arizona State University, and already the temperature is nearing 100 degrees. Dan Ross is collecting money at a parking lot on University Drive. He says he tries to stay in the shade as much as he can. And as soon as he gets off work at noon...

DAN ROSS: The first thing I do is strip off these sweaty clothes! Get under the air-conditioning, and just relax.

O’DOWD: Forecasters say the latest heat wave broke a few records, including the longest string of nighttime low temperatures above 90 degrees. Here’s how other folks at ASU handle the discomfort.

JANE STEFFANS: Normally what I do, I carry around this cup. It’s a refillable Starbucks cup and I normally fill it with ice all the way to the top. And then water. Sometimes I put it on pressure points.

WILLIAM KENNEDY: Drink hot coffee. It regulates your body temperature.

 O’DOWD: That’s Jane Steffans and William Kennedy. And, yes, some scientists say having a hot drink can actually cool you down. Soon though, you might not need it. The Phoenix-area forecast calls for a chance of thunderstorms this week that could start to cool the region’s sizzling temperatures. 

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