Record power consumption matches record temperatures

August 14, 2012

Record high temperatures are helping to set records for power consumption here in the Valley. The two major electrical utilities say they have enough power to meet demand but are looking for ways to keeps costs down.  KJZZ’s Al Macias reports.

AL MACIAS: High summer temperatures in Phoenix are predictable but the overnight lows that have been stuck in the 90s for the last week are about 10 degrees above normal. That is driving demand for electricity as people try to cool their homes and offices. Salt River Project set its all-time power usage record last Wednesday producing 6,665 megawatts. Scott Harelson is with SRP. He says the utility has enough generating capacity to meet demand but is working with some of its large commercial customers to cut back where they can.

SCOTT HARELSON: What SRP can do is reduce our demand, and this program is about 50 megawatts, 40 or 50 megawatts, give or take, and that can take the edge off of peak demand situation and help reduce costs overall.

MACIAS: Meanwhile Arizona Public Service says it has not topped its power usage record set in July 2006. But it did surpass the mark forecast for this summer. Both utilities say daily peak demand occurs between 5-6 p.m.

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