Ducey Won't Move Date Of Arizona's 2016 Presidential Primary

By Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Published: Thursday, October 22, 2015 - 10:06am

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey won't use his power to move the date of next year's presidential primary.
Arizona law currently sets the primary for March 22. But there's a history of legislation moving the date around for political purposes. State law even allows Ducey to unilaterally move the date back.

Ducey acknowledged that in many prior years the votes for presidential contenders that already have taken place in other states by that date pretty much makes it game over by the time the Arizona primary rolls around.

"I had some people some people that argued we should have it earlier to make us more significant in the initial decision which, traditionally, by March 1, these things have been decided," said Ducey.

But Ducey said in a recent interview, given the crowded GOP field, Arizona may be exactly where it needs to be.

"In this cycle, it sure doesn't look like this'll be decided by March 1st, although March 1 will be a significant date," said Ducey.

That's Super Tuesday, with voters in 13 states deciding through primaries or caucuses on that date who they support for each party's nominee.

"Maybe we are in the sweet spot on March 22 where we'll be a deciding state, or certainly getting more attention," Ducey said.

In fact, the only competition for the national political spotlight that day will be in Utah, which has only party caucuses.