American Airlines Moves Terminals, Next Step In Merger

By Annika Cline
Published: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 6:32am
(Photo by Annika Cline-KJZZ)
American Airlines has posted signs in Sky Harbor to let fliers know about their move.

If you are flying American Airlines out of Sky Harbor International Airport, you will be going to its new home in Terminal 4. They moved in with US Airways on Wednesday as part of the airline merger.

American Airlines changed terminals in Sky Harbor Airport, but this is no house move. For one, it had to be done overnight, so the airline could start its operations early Wednesday morning. This gave the airline about 12 hours to move baggage claim, ticketing, customer service and check in, not to mention get the technology up and running for Wednesday’s 270 departures. It was a quick move, but American Airlines Vice President of Communications John McDonald said they have been planning it for months.

"It’s a little bit like a band that works 15 years to be an overnight success. That’s kind of what’s happened here, we’ve worked a lot of months to become an overnight success," McDonald said.

But, McDonald said, a big concern is making sure fliers do not get lost. To reduce confusion, the airline has posted signs around the airport, and volunteers and employees will help direct passengers to the correct terminal in the days after the move.