Arizona's emerging Latino voter

August 01, 2012

According to a report released by the Morrison Institute at ASU, Arizona will see a voting shift in coming years due to the coming-of-age Latino population. The two researchers who wrote the report explain why.

Morrison Institute Senior Policy Analyst Bill Hart and ASU faculty associate Dr. Eric Hedberg say that in the next several decades Arizona can look forward to an influx of Latino voters. The researchers believe many second- or third-generation Latinos will register to vote and shift the majority party in Arizona.

Hart says that traditionally Hispanic voting tends to lean more towards Democratic ideals, but he predicts a lot of this new generation will identify as Independents as well. He says that the research gets a little more muddy when it comes to people registering to vote versus actually showing up to vote. Hedberg says that he can’t make any predictions about the immediate future, but in next couple of decades Arizona will likely see more young Latinos going to the polls, and the issues that children see now will affect their future votes.

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