Congressional District 9 Democratic candidates

July 25, 2012

Barry Dill, Democratic strategist for First Strategic in Phoenix, talks about the political paths of the three Democratic hopefuls in the race for the hotly contested Congressional District 9. Plus information on the political forum being held Wednesday night by KJZZ.

Dill says Andrei Cherny, David Schapira, and Kyrsten Sinema are all excellent candidates with the same basic set of values. He says that each candidate would make an excellent member of Congress, and from this point votes for each will most likely be based on intangible things. He says it’s significant that Cherney got former president Bill Clinton’s support and that Schapira has been handicapped by money. Dill says that Republicans would probably want to see Sinema pitted against their candidate, but he says Sinema’s crew isn’t worried since Republicans don’t seem particularly excited about any of their candidates.

KJZZ’s Mark Brodie says the political forum with all three candidates will be more of a discussion and less of a debate. He says candidates will have to answer audience questions, and that the forum will follow the same basic format as the Republican forum held last month. An hour of audio from the forum will air on KJZZ Thursday, July 26 from 11am to noon.

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