DCS Emergency Shelter Still Closed After Bed Bugs Found Earlier This Week

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Friday, September 25, 2015 - 4:49pm
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The Arizona Department of Child Safety emergency shelter is still closed after a bed bug infestation earlier in the week.

DCS has temporarily closed its after-hours emergency shelter for abused or neglected children only a few months after first opening its doors.

DCS spokesman Doug Nick said the staff is prepared for situations like the current bed bug infestation.

"We obviously are prepared for this kind of contingency," Nick said. "It’s not something we like to look forward to, but obviously something we need to be prepared for, we are prepared for, and are dealing with it.”

Nick said during the closure, children will be placed in foster care or DCS offices.

Tamera Shanker with Arizona Friend’s of Foster Children Foundation said this latest incident is one of many that show poor management from the DCS.

“This recent debacle is just another indicator of our system not being prepared to screen kids before putting them in an aggregate setting with other children,” Shanker said. "With only volunteers and overworked and tired DCS workers to man the shelter, it's not surprising that the children aren't getting physically examined for parasites like this."

Nick said the shelter is expected to re-open by the middle of next week.