'Serial Shooter' asks court for execution

July 17, 2012

Convicted Serial Shooter Dale Hausner has asked the state Supreme Court to expedite his pending execution. Hausner was sentenced to death for killing six people in the mid-2000s.

PETER O’DOWD: Hausner handwrote his letter to Arizona’s highest court on lined paper. It’s dated July 12. In it, Hausner said he wanted no further appeals of his death sentence from his legal team. Before signing his name, Hausner wrote: Please issue a death warrant for me as soon as possible. The Serial Shooter terrorized Phoenix from 2005 to 2006 with his nighttime drive-by attacks that left half a dozen people dead, and 18 injured. Hausner said his mental evaluations before and during trial showed he was of sound mind and capable of making his own decisions. In response to the letter the state Supreme Court said Hausner still has legal representation and its unclear if there will be any further activity in the case. 

Read the letter.

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