Main road into Crown King closed after weekend mudslide

July 16, 2012

Road closures are a continued headache for drivers heading into Crown King. Thunderstorms on Saturday dumped 6 inches of rain on Crown King and caused a mudslide that forced the closure of Crown King Road, the main thoroughfare into town off Interstate 17.

After clearing away boulders and debris, Yavapai County officials temporarily reopened the road, before shutting it down again Monday morning so crews could continue repair work.

U.S. Mail is being allowed through, and local traffic can get in at certain times of the day if they get an official escort. Repairs are expected to continue at least through the end of the week, if not longer. The Verde Valley Roads Department said they hope open the road to local traffic each night after work crews finish for the day.

The area has become especially vulnerable to mudslides after the Gladiator Wildfire in May burned through vegetation that usually keeps rocks from falling onto the road during storms.

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