Education campaign for Latinos on gay and lesbian acceptance

July 09, 2012

A bilingual education campaign aimed at increasing acceptance of gay and lesbian Latino family members is under way.  Twenty-one national Latino organizations have built a coalition around the movement. 

The National Council of La Raza announced the campaign at their national conference in Las Vegas. The campaign is called Familia es Familia – or Family is Family. The bilingual campaign will provide training, technical assistance, and support to 21 Hispanic organizations.

The education will include an interactive website informational videos and literature, and the use of social media to promote personal stories. Inez Gonzalez is with the National Hispanic Media Association, one of the supporting groups. She says, "This is about familias, so it’s not about politics. It’s about parents and children coming together and accepting each other."

 A Pew Hispanic Center survey from 2011 showed that Latinos are slightly more accepting of homosexuality than the general population. The survey also shows support for gay and lesbian issues increases among younger Latinos.

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