Analysis: Patient-therapist bond may be key to treating depression with 'magic mushrooms'

Published: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 - 5:05am
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Arizona’s advisory council on psilocybin research is soon expected to release a draft report about psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Researchers at Ohio State University say a provider-patient bond may matter most when treating depression with psychedelic mushrooms.

Ohio State researchers analyzed data gathered from a 2021 clinical trial that found psilocybin combined with therapy was effective at treating depression.

They concluded that the stronger the relationship between participant and therapist, the lower the participant’s depression score was one year later.

Arizona lawmakers set aside $5 million last year to study if psychedelic mushrooms can help people with pain, addiction and PTSD.

Research grants have been approved. But the money is unlikely to be spent before July, when the state can claw it back.

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