Can America win the chips manufacturing race?

By Consider This/NPR
Published: Friday, March 22, 2024 - 8:53am
Updated: Friday, March 22, 2024 - 8:54am

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President Joe Biden looks at a semiconductor wafer
AFP via Getty Images
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger (left) and Intel Factory Manager Hugh Green (right) watch as President Joe Biden looks at a semiconductor wafer during a tour at Intel Ocotillo Campus in Chandler, Arizona, in March 2024.

President Joe Biden just awarded $8.5 billion dollars to the company Intel to help fund semiconductor factories in Arizona, Ohio, New Mexico and Oregon.

At a visit to Intel's campus outside Phoenix this week, President Biden said the money will help semiconductor manufacturing make a comeback in the United States after 40 years.

The money for Intel comes from the $9 billion set aside by the 2022 CHIPS and Science Act, to build chip factories. The administration's goal? For 20% of the world's leading-edge semiconductor chips to be made on American soil by 2030.

The United States currently makes zero of the world's leading-edge semiconductor chips. By 2030, the Biden administration wants to make a fifth of them. So how will America get there?

The podcast Consider This from NPR delves into that question in this episode.

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