Arizona appeals court revives decades-old sex-abuse case against juvenile corrections guard

By Matthew Casey
Published: Saturday, December 9, 2023 - 9:05am

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The Arizona Court of Appeals has revived a lawsuit brought by an incarcerated man who claims he was sexually abused while he was in the juvenile correction system.

His case, which also claims state negligence, stems from a short window created by the Legislature for people to pursue legal action after turning 30 years old.

Glen Boyd alleges that as a teenager he was sexually abused by a guard and pressured to stay quiet by other employees of the state juvenile corrections department.

Boyd’s attorney for his appeal, Alex Egbert, said the outcome effectualizes the Legislature’s intent back in 2019.

“Which was to give these victims of sexual abuse as minors the chance to bring those claims. A real meaningful chance to bring those claims," Egbert said.

Boyd told authorities he’d been abused, but he did not learn until 2021 that the guard was arrested and charged.

The guard did not reply to Boyd’s appeal and the judges took it as an admission that the trial court should not have dismissed his claim against her.

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