AZ Department of Corrections agrees to adopt reforms after disability violations

By Ignacio Ventura
Published: Friday, November 17, 2023 - 2:09pm
Updated: Friday, November 17, 2023 - 4:07pm

Arizona Department of Corrections headquarters
Jimmy Jenkins/KJZZ
The Arizona Department of Corrections headquarters In downtown Phoenix

The Arizona Department of Corrections violated Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Department of Justice said Thursday that the state agency has agreed to adopt systemwide reforms.

The investigation began after incarcerated individuals made discrimination complaints.

The Justice Department found that the Department of Corrections failed to provide auxiliary aid, services or reasonable modifications for individuals with vision disabilities. Furthermore, it did not provide easy ways for inmates to make requests or file complaints. 

Violations included a failure to read a handbook for those with vision disabilities and refusing to provide individuals with job opportunities. 

Through the three-year agreement, the state agency will need to work with a third-party consultant to carry out certain actions, including revising policies and training staff to provide modifications.

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