First comic book featuring all-Native superheroes is getting new life from creator Jon Proudstar

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Tuesday, September 26, 2023 - 12:48pm
Updated: Tuesday, September 26, 2023 - 3:09pm

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The covers of the "Tribal Force" comic books
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Images from the "Tribal Force" comic book by Jon Proudstar.

In 1996, the first edition of “Tribal Force” was released. It was the first comic book to feature all-Native American superheroes — and it got a lot of attention.

However, before creator Jon Proudstar could finish the second issue, his publisher went out of business. That didn’t stop “Tribal Force” from becoming an inspiration to a generation of Indigenous comic book creators. 

Now, 23 years later, Proudstar has a successful career as an actor, he plays Leon on the hit series “Reservation Dogs," and he is ready to re-release “Tribal Force” with a new artist and a new perspective. The Show spoke with the Tucson native more about it — and where the idea for the comic came from to begin with. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story has been updated to correct a reference to Jon Proudstar. 

Jon Proudstar
Jon Proudstar
Jon Proudstar

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