SRP invests $2.6 million in 36 projects in partnership with ASU, NAU, UA

By Nicholas Gerbis
Published: Thursday, September 14, 2023 - 7:05am

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Underside of a 40-ton hydropower turbine
The underside of a 40-ton hydropower turbine at SRP's Horse Mesa Dam.

SRP has invested $2.6 million to fund 36 research-and-development projects at Arizona’s three state universities.

The public utility says the undertakings are meant to improve the Valley’s power system and watershed, and to educate a potential workforce on real-world applications.

SRP will work with Arizona State University on 24 projects; Northern Arizona University on seven; and University of Arizona on the remaining five.

Subjects range from wildfire detection to predicting and responding to energy demands.

One UA plan involves turning old electrical cables into concrete.

Two master’s students at NAU are using drones and thermal imaging to seek out leaks in underground pipes.

Two ASU programs entail imaging and modeling wear-and-tear on hydropower turbines at Horse Mesa and Mormon Flat dams.

Drone-collected infrared imagery showing anomalies
Drone-collected infrared imagery showing anomalies. POI means point of interest for a potential underground pipeline leak.

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