89 heat-related deaths confirmed so far this year in Maricopa County

By Jill Ryan, Katherine Davis-Young, Kirsten Dorman
Published: Thursday, August 17, 2023 - 10:27am

Maricopa County health officials have confirmed 30 more heat-related deaths since last week, bringing the total to 89 so far this year. 

Nearly 350 deaths are still under investigation.

Dr. Nick Staab is with the county's Public Health Department. He says these numbers continue the grim pattern that 2023 will surpass last year’s heat-related death record. 

“This is concerning to us because we believe all these deaths are preventable," Staab said.

During the most brutal week in July, which saw the most suspected heat-related deaths, overnight temperatures were nearly 100 degrees. And barely any cooling centers were open 24 hours - with many others also closing during the hottest parts of the day.   

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