AZ Legislature to take up a deal on extending Prop. 400 in Maricopa County on Monday

By Greg Hahne
Bob Christie/Capitol Media Services
Published: Wednesday, July 26, 2023 - 2:54pm

Local leaders and Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs are reportedly working to strike a final deal with the Republican-led Legislature to extend a transportation tax in Maricopa County.

The outcome of those talks will determine whether that tax will continue as it has for nearly 40 years.

The Legislature is set to return only on Monday next week to work out the deal on Proposition 400. If nothing passes, a special session could be called.

Whether a deal can be made to get the tax on next year’s ballot for Maricopa County voters will have statewide impacts.

The Maricopa Association of Governments, or MAG, uses that tax to fund its own transportation projects. If the tax goes away, Arizona’s other 14 counties will have to compete for limited state transportation dollars. 

Hobbs vetoed the Legislature’s extension plan in June and sided with MAG’s plan.

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