A Battle for the Soul of Islam

June 27, 2012

Phoenix physician Dr Zuhdi Jasser talks about his book A Battle for the Soul of Islam, and explains the current struggle within Muslim communities with differing ideas.

Jasser says there’s currently a battle of ideals between reformers and revivalists, the same sort of fight that led to the U.S. Constitution. He says families are conflicted between a historical identity and post-modern identity, and outsiders are largely unaware of the fissure.

Jasser says Americans need to recognize the struggle if they hope to see reform. He thinks the U.S. government needs to reach out to grassroots movements and stop supporting dictatorships if they want to see a separation of mosque and state. Jasser believes this will cut down on things like honor killings. He says if the U.S. recognizes that not all Muslims are the same, they’ll stop alienating an important part of the population. Jasser says that by working together, the next several generations can work on spreading liberty across the world.

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