A Title IX investigation into an ASU professor’s family made her question the truth

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Thursday, June 29, 2023 - 11:46am

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Sarah Viren, author of "To Name the Bigger Life."
Simon & Schuster, Q'Mariha Lewis
Sarah Viren, author of "To Name the Bigger Life."

Where is the line between truth and deception? Fact and fiction? Those are some of the big questions author Sarah Viren tackles in her new memoir, "To Name the Bigger Lie."

Viren is a professor of creative writing at Arizona State University, where her wife, Marta, teaches as well. Their lives were derailed when they find out Marta was being investigated under Title IX for sexual misconduct.

While she knew the allegations against her must be lies, her increasingly desperate attempts to prove their innocence made Viren question everything — even what she knows to be true. 

Eventually, she uncovered the person behind the accusations: a man who was competing with Viren for a professor job at the University of Michigan. But proving that becomes something else entirely. 

The Show spoke with Viren about the book.

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