Here are some of the big summer movies to watch for this year

By Mark Brodie
Published: Friday, June 16, 2023 - 11:04am
Updated: Friday, June 16, 2023 - 11:13am

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Summer movie posters
Sky Schaudt/KJZZ
Summer movie posters at a Phoenix theater in June 2023.

Summertime is often synonymous with the movies, especially big-budget films that are best seen on the big screen. And, this summer certainly has some of those. But, is the blockbuster still as big of a thing as it has been in the past — especially since lots of movie-goers choose to only go as far as their couches.

The Show talked about all of that with film critic M.V. "Mark" Moorhead; his blog is called Less Hat, Moorhead.

Moorhead joined The Show before a number of this summer's movies were released, but discussed the impact one movie, "The Super Mario Bros Movie," had already. This is one that lots of kids have been excited to see, while lots of their parents remember playing the original game and we discussed whether this is a movie that’s being marketed to multiple generations of Nintendo players. Plus, Moorhead talked about some of the big summer movies to look out for this year.

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