Long lines of migrants wait to seek asylum at ports of entry since end of Title 42

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 - 11:04am

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Title 42 was lifted nearly three weeks ago, and while fears of a massive surge of migrants attempting to cross the border did not materialize, there have been reports of long lines of people waiting at ports of entry for days on end. 

The Biden administration enacted several new ways for migrants to seek asylum with Title 42’s end. While it was in place, ports of entry were essentially closed to migrants who wanted to request asylum. Instead, they would often cross the border and present themselves to Border Patrol to begin the process. 

Now, those lines are filled with migrants who are trying to apply for asylum via an often glitchy app called CBP One and waiting their turn. The Kino Border Initiative has been giving out blankets and meals to many of those waiting.

The Show was joined by Kino Border Initiative communications director Gia Del Pino to discuss more.

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