Co-founder of the revived Hayden Flour Mills gets a James Beard nomination for her cookbook

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 12:55pm
Updated: Thursday, May 18, 2023 - 12:56pm

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The Miller’s Daughter Emma Zimmerman
Hardie Grant Books, Hayden Flour Mills
“The Miller’s Daughter” author Emma Zimmerman, with her father Jeff Zimmerman

Emma Zimmerman was working on getting a doctoral degree at McGill University in 2009 when her dad, Jeff, had a crazy idea: to reopen Tempe’s historic Hayden Flour Mills.

It started as something of a hobby, but, soon enough, it turned into much more.

Today, Hayden Flour Mills is a booming company that’s been a leading voice in the movement to revive heritage grains in this country. And Emma, who has helped grow it, is out with a new cookbook called “The Miller’s Daughter.” It’s been nominated for a James Beard Award this year.

The Show sat down with her in KJZZ's studio to talk more about the book — and the story behind the mill.

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