Bipartisan group of lawmakers gathers at the Capitol in support of Arizona housing bills

By Kirsten Dorman
Published: Thursday, May 4, 2023 - 7:46am

Steve Kaiser
Kirsten Dorman.KJZZ
Steve Kaiser speaks in support of housing legislation at the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.

Republican and Democratic state lawmakers spoke at the Arizona Capitol Wednesday in support of several bills they say help solve some of Arizona’s ongoing housing woes.

Carla Naranjo with Unemployed Workers United said the bills would help address Arizona’s affordable housing crisis.

“A diverse coalition of support has been established,” Naranjo said. “Because this really does impact renters, home buyers, people of middle and low income and working class folks. No one is immune to the impacts of the crisis.”

Sen. Anna Hernandez (D-Phoenix) said Arizona’s housing crisis demands bold solutions.

“We’re in the middle of a housing crisis that is affecting every single district in the state of Arizona,” Hernandez said. “And it’s time to take action.”

Senate President Warren Petersen (R-Gilbert) said the problem is simple: overregulation.

Petersen and Hernandez support bills that would roll back zoning restrictions and allow construction of manufactured homes, like casitas.

“We’re in the middle of a housing crisis that is affecting every single district in the state of Arizona. And it’s time to take action.”
— Sen. Anna Hernandez

Sen. Steve Kaiser (R-Phoenix) called on local officials to help.

“It will take political courage of local mayors and council members to give up a little power and give it back to the homeowners where it rightly belongs,” Kaiser said.

Nick Ponder is a lobbyist for Arizona cities and towns. He warned these bills would grant greater property rights to developers, rather than assist renters and buyers.

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