ACLU begins SB 1070 education campaign for immigrants

June 26, 2012

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona has prepared a campaign to educate the Arizona immigrant community about its rights under the remaining provisions of SB 1070.  KJZZ’s Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez reports.
NADINE ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: Monday’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has prompted the ACLU to create series of Public Service Announcements to educate Latinos about their civil rights. The PSA’s have started airing on the Spanish television station in Arizona.
PSA IN SPANISH: Es importante saber que todos aqui tenemos siertos derechos basicos aunque no tengas papeles y esta decisión no hizo nada para cambiar eso.

PSA IN ENGLISH: It is important to know that we all have fundamental rights even if you do not have papers…and the Supreme Court did nothing to change that.

ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: The PSA’s are titled ‘Know Your Rights.’ The spots explain what the court’s decision means and what to do if they’re stopped by police. Alessandra Soler is with the ACLU of Arizona.
ALESSANDRA SOLER: We really wanted to address, break it down and focus specifically on 2B which is the provision that gives police that authority and to know that they have rights.
ARROYO RODRIGUEZ: The PSAs will begin airing on Spanish and English radio stations in a few days. The provision that allows police to question the immigration status of any one they detain takes effect in a few weeks.

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