Mail-in voting upheld in Arizona Court of Appeals

Published: Tuesday, January 17, 2023 - 3:06pm

The state Court of Appeals has ruled that mail-in voting is legal and doesn’t violate Arizona’s constitution. 

The unanimous decision upheld the ruling from a Mohave County Superior Court judge.

The Republican Party attempted to block the use of mail-in voting for just the November general election, but not the August primary.

The Republican party alleged that the method goes against Arizona’s Secrecy Clause.

Except in a reply to the appeal, the party and its chair Kelli Ward walked back their claims that all voting must be done in person on Election Day. Furthermore they claimed that some early voting by mail could be legal. 

The courts ruled that the state’s mail-in voting laws adequately preserve secrecy for those filling out their ballots as required in the clause. 

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