Annual water conference ends as new cuts loom over Colorado River users

Published: Monday, December 26, 2022 - 9:20am

Colorado River Basin states recently gathered in Las Vegas for their annual water users convention.

The states are trying to figure out how to get by with less water.

The conference focused on a variety of topics, such as new technology, conservation and funding that will guide water users into the next century.

But federal water managers say that new conservation measures need to be put in place or they will impose cuts.

Gary Wockner, of the nonprofit Save the Colorado, says it's unclear how the states will respond to the mandate.

“Now, the Bureau did say that if you don’t meet this deadline we will impose cuts on you. And so, they’re out of time, everyone’s out of time,” Wockner said.

He says that decisions need to be made soon so farmers can plan their crops for next season.

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