RSV, COVID and flu cases are surging in Pima County along with the rest of AZ

Published: Tuesday, November 22, 2022 - 4:44pm

Along with much of the country and state, a rise in COVID-19, RSV and flu cases is evident in Pima County.

County health director Dr. Teresa Cullen said flu cases at this point in the year are four times higher than in the past five years.

"We seem to be peaking earlier. Our hope is that we will see a decline in flu. We have seen in other parts of the country this rapid increase and then a decrease. We’re obviously not on the downhill slope yet here," Cullen said. 

With respect to RSV cases, Cullen said children under 5 years old make up the majority of patients requiring hospitalization due to the effects of the virus.

She recommended handwashing, masking up and staying home when sick to help combat the spread of all three illnesses.

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