‘Don’t drive tired’: Sonora encourages long-distance travelers to make a stop in the state

By Kendal Blust
Published: Monday, November 21, 2022 - 5:05am

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Gobierno de Sonora
Tourism leaders in Sonora have a new campaign encouraging travelers to make a stop in Hermosillo to avoid driving without rest.

With the holiday season upon us, leaders in Sonora are taking a new tack this year: encouraging people traveling long distances to the U.S. border to stay in Hermosillo for a night.

“Don’t drive tired. Hermosillo's waiting for you!"

That’s the slogan of a new tourism campaign in Sonora, which is inviting travelers to spend a night in Hermosillo on their way to the United States.

State and local tourism officials presented the message during a visit to Culiacan, the capital of the neighboring state of Sinaloa. The idea, leaders say, is to promote safety by getting tired travelers off of the roads for a few hours of rest in Hermosillo hotels.

Whether they’re traveling for shopping, recreation or visiting family, those who stop in Sonora can receive discounts at 22 Hermosillo hotels as well as on food and other activities by showing their out-of-state drivers licenses.