This Arizona chef worries pastries are getting sidelined in the restaurant world

By Lauren Gilger
Published: Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 11:33am

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When you go out to dinner, how often do you order dessert?

Pastry chefs are worried the days of innovative desserts in the restaurant world are numbered. A new piece in Bon Appetit declares pastry chefs fear they are becoming extinct as restaurant margins shrink post-COVID-19. And that means you’re likely to see the same, easy, made-ahead kinds of dishes on menus all over.

Tracy Dempsey says it’s both a loss of creativity for those in the pastry world and a lost experience for diners.

Dempsey is a pastry chef with Tracy Dempsey Originals. She's spent much of her career working in high-end restaurants in the Phoenix area, from Lon's at the Hermosa Inn to Cowboy Ciao.

The Show spoke with her about dwindling desserts, and she said this was something that she began noticing more than a decade ago.

tracy dempsey
Tracy Dempsey
Tracy Dempsey

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