Ghost stories: Mysterious smells, spinning racks and a cryptic T-shirt boggle storeowners

By Nick Sanchez
Published: Monday, October 31, 2022 - 12:28pm

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sarah bingham
Sarah Bingham
Sarah Bingham

Today is Halloween, and fall is in the air — though that’s still no guarantee you won’t be sweating in your costume.

But one thing’s for sure — our listeners are spooked.

The Show asked for ghost stories, and listeners have certainly delivered. All month long, we’ve been sharing your hair-raising tales.

Now, Sarah Bingham of Phoenix shares the final tale in our series.

Bingham had a clothing store in Phoenix, housed in a warehouse-turned-retail space.

Though she's since moved locations, it's not the business or décor she remembers, but unexplained occurrences like spinning clothes racks and mysteriously gifted T-shirts.

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