Sierra Club gives poor marks to AZ utilities on climate change response

By Ron Dungan
Published: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 - 6:00pm

The state’s major utilities have publicly committed themselves to clean energy.

But conservationists say they have a long way to go if they are to meet their goals.

The Sierra Club recently issued a nationwide report on how well power companies are making the transition to clean energy.

Arizona Public Service received poor marks for not phasing out a coal-fired plant. Salt River Project received poor marks because of its efforts to use more gas turbines.

Sandy Bahr of the Sierra Club said clean energy targets are driven by science and should be taken more seriously. 

“I think the report shows that all of our utilities could be doing a lot more, and should be doing a lot more, to expedite clean energy,” Bahr said. 

SRP recently censured a number of board members who are pushing for a faster transition to clean energy.

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